Skiing courses for children

The heart of our skischool are the kidscourses. Lesson are meant to be funny and diversified.

Grünberg is one of the best places to teach children in a save way. Parents can stay nearby at the Grünberg Alm and watch their kids having fun on the slopes.

Coursetimes: Monday to Friday 10.00 a.m-12.00 a.m.

Meeting Point in front of the snowschool office at the Grünberg

  • warm tea for the kids
  • groups with different levels
  • skirace at the end of the course on friday
  • medal for all racers
  • you can get your picture on friday at the snowschool office
courses ski and snowboard starting with 3 years
1 day 2 hoursEuro 35
2 days 2 hoursEuro 70
3 days 2 hoursEuro 95
4 days 2 hoursEuro 115
5 days 2 hoursEuro 125

Showing us your INNSBRUCK card will give you the 5 halfday kids course for 120.-

Coursetimes: 10.00a.m-12.00 a.m and from 1.p.m to 3 p.m.

Meeting point in front of the snowschool office

  • all offers included by the halfday course
  • for Euro 15.- you could get a skiinstructor taking car and a warm meal during lunchtime for your kid
  • special training for kids in the afternoon
courses ski and snowboarding starting with 3 years
1 day 4 hoursEuro 65
2 days 4 hoursEuro 125
3 days 4 hoursEuro 185
4 days 4 hoursEuro 245
5 days 2 hoursEuro 260